What are the benefits of owning an estate?

At 16x16M with a 20m build height for a single land parcel is suitable for the vast majority of landowners in Pavia.io 

Adjoining parcels can be developed with a larger build area. Some scenes may require just 2 or 3 adjoining parcels. 

To own an estate, you must have at least nine land parcels. The land parcels must be positioned as a 3x3 (minimum requirement). There are currently 2,000 3x3 estates from the first and second land sale with a further 1,000 being added as the map expands. 

The benefit for owners of an estate short term is to have the ability to upload your image on the map, as shown below.

The minimum requirements for an estate are 3x3. However, owners of land with a larger surface area such as a 3x4, 4x4 or larger can also create a larger image over their estate.

The longer-term, in-game benefit is more building space for your scene. 

Please remember there is no requirement to own any land at all, you can visit and participate without owning and parcels or estates. 

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