Where can I buy a Pavia Land Parcel (PLP)?

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If you missed any of the land sales you can still purchase Pavia Land Parcels on the secondary market. JPG Store & CNFT.io

Important: Always ensure the Pavia land you buy is Genuine by checking the Policy ID and identifying the Verification Tick on the listing. Hovering over the tick will also bring up a box confirming the Pavia land is not a fake or replica.

Always check the policy ID when purchasing a Pavia Land Parcel. This is a unique reference code to verify you are buying genuine Pavia Land and not a fake. This code never changes and can be found in the information section by clicking on the listing.

Policy ID: 4bf184e01e0f163296ab253edd60774e2d34367d0e7b6cbc689b567d

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